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Water Damage Testimonials

They were quick to schedule and did a great job cleaning and ridding of the problem. They also explained the process so we would understand what was used and what they accomplished. Great company!

I am new to Tullahoma Tennessee. I bought an older home that was listed as everything is new. Well, it was not as it was advertised at all! On my 2nd day, the bathroom flooded as well as two bedroom closets from water that was coming out from under the tub. You can imagine the stress that that put me under having just bought a new home and having a flood the second day! It’s been downhill ever since! SERVPRO has been very professional and kind, they came out and took care of my problems the next day and set up drying machines. They came and checked on their machines every other day and they even allowed me to pay the bill in 30 days, which was a great benefit to me being that I was almost out of money coming from California. Thank you SERVPRO for the great work and then professionalism that you guys have, I would recommend you guys to anybody! Five stars!

As the owner of an HVAC business, some customers will call after they've had an unfortunate incident such as plumbing leaks that flood the house, and then the duct. I've worked with SERVPRO of Rutherford County on a few projects, and they always provide a rapid response time with a professional outcome. I've always received positive feedback from my customers who have used them and I would recommend them with confidence to anyone.

Jason was amazing! Top notch quality work and best customer service I have had in a long time!! Cody and his coworker were friendly, pilute, and considerate. Wish I could give 10 stars!!


Jason, David and the crew were extremely knowledgeable and very diligent. They answered any of my questions and went above and beyond to make sure we understood everything and we’re happy with what we were dealing with. During a difficult time they made it easier. I would recommend them to anyone

I was distraught to find we had water damage. But, we called SERVPRO and they were out within the hour. Fantastic service and an excellent company to work with. Ryan, Kody and Mark were fast, friendly and hard working! Ryan and Kody listened to my concerns and kept me updated every step of the way. I could not recommend a better company!

Zach and crew were great! I felt very comfortable throughout the process. They were always on time and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

Jason and his team were great. Professional,
Fast, and thorough in cleaning up our water damage.

SERVPRO was able to fit us in on a short notice. They were very professional dealing with our tenant in detailing the possible damage and time to repair. They kept us in the loop with consistent phone calls. 100%

Zach and crew were great! I felt very comfortable throughout the process. They were always on time and very professional. I would recommend them to anyone!

My enjoyment of the snow and cold temperatures last week was rudely interrupted when my water heater decided it would be a good time to explode like a frozen can of Coke. Fortunately, the one thing my inept property management company did right in this debacle was to call SERVPRO. After working a long day then surviving a near heart attack when I heard a loud boom and hundreds of gallons of water rushed out into my home, I was not in the best frame of mind. Imagine my relief when Jason and Patrick appeared at my door minutes after they were called and confidently and competently swept into motion like the pros they are. Not only did they take quick measures to remediate the emergency water damage, they also did a pretty amazing job remediating my poor frazzled state of mind by keeping me laughing and putting me at ease in the midst of all the chaos. Believe me, when the worst happens and you have an emergency in your home, you want people in there with you to fix it who are personable, warm, kind, and funny. These guys were all that and more. I cannot recommend them highly enough. If you also find yourself in such a miserable situation, do yourselves a favor and call SERVPRO of Rutherford County. They truly make the best out of a bad situation!

Highly recommend SERVPRO and a Special Thank You to Jason and Ryan! SERVPRO and the whole crew that came to our home within 2 to 3 Hours of our Emergency made a really unfortunate Cleanup & Restoration job feel not so bad. How can that be possible?! I am beyond impressed. From the urgency in getting to our home, assessing the situation, professionalism, courtesy, safety measures, etc., SERVPRO went above and beyond. Having a Company show up and do beyond what they say they are going to do is a Blessing!
Thank you,
Shawn Brooks
The team arrived quickly after our phone call. They quickly went to work on cleaning up and prepared for the treatment of wet floor and water damage. They were friendly and very thorough. I would recommend them.

Following a water line break in my home on a Sunday evening I contacted SERVPRO 800 number and was put in touch with the local franchise. My house was a complete wet disaster and I needed to get rid of the standing water that had caused a ceiling to fall and saturate my garage ceiling.

Ryan contacted me within 30 minutes and after explaining my situation they arrived about an hour later. Ryan and Jason immediately assessed the damage, explained the process and then got to work. Within a couple hours they had removed all the water and begun removing the flooring. They then left and returned the next day to begin what would become a HUGE process.

These guys are AWESOME, they handled everything including ordering a storage trailer and dumpster. Once they finished the 6 day process of exposing wet areas and drying they cleaned up everything and my house is now ready for contractors to come in and begin the rebuild.

The speed, quality and professionalism that was exhibited by these 2 guys and their team was second to nobody! Had it not been for SERVPRO this disaster would have been a much bigger headache. They have handled everything including insurance documentation, which has made that painful process much easier.

I highly recommend this particular franchisee because they exhibit the kind of customer service and quality of work that I did not expect.

Thanks Jason & Ryan

These guys are AMAZING! We had an emergency situation and they responded immediately. They gave quality service and advice. In addition, they were a pleasure to work with. Jason Trotter really exceeded every expectation!! We will certainly use them in the future if the need ever arises. I HIGHLY recommend SERVPRO!!

SERVPRO of Rutherford County was great. Prompt service and fair pricing.

Jason + Mark were awesome! Our condo was flooded with sewage backup and they were called in by our building management company. They explained each step of the remediation process and patiently answered all of my questions over the few days they were in and out of our unit. They were very respectful of our property and were very accomodating to us. They made me feel so much less stressed about the whole ordeal! 

The New Owners at SERVPRO are amazing! I could not have asked for better service. They were quick to respond and walked me through the process. Not sure about the previous people but I highly recommend this location. I would give a 10 star if it were available.